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Price List

Spray Tan                                               $30

Oztan products used WA organic made
1 Hour Express tan available                   $35

Tips for a longer lasting tan at the bottom of the page

Eyelash Extensions  (Some Pictures at the bottom of this page or visit our Facebook Page)

Please arrive without any eye makeup on.
For care and maintenance of your new eyes please scroll to the bottom of the page.

Classic Extensions
Full Set                           $149
Half Set                           $85
30 min touch up               $50
Refills 2-4 weeks               $75
Refills above 4 weeks         $99

Russian Volume Extensions
Full Set - 4D                      $189
Refills  (2-3 weeks)             $105

Hybrid Lash Extensions (mixture of classic and volume)
Full Set                              $169
Refills  (2-3 Weeks)             $90

Eyelash Removal                 $35
Diamonties Available            $5 per eye

Eyelashes                         $20
Eyebrows                         $15

Face Waxing
Brow Reconstruction - wax, trim, reshape, tint $50
Eyebrow                                                      $20
Upper Lip                                                     $10
Chin                                                            $10
Sides of Face                                                $15

Body Waxing
Under Arm                                                   $15     
Bikini Line        (x)                                        $30
G-String Bikini  (xx)                                      $40
Brazilian          (xxx)                                     $50
Half Arm                                                      $25
Full Arm                                                      $30
Half Upper Leg                                             $30
Half Lower Leg                                             $27
3/4 Leg                                                       $30
Full Leg                                                       $35
Tummy Trail                                                $5
Full Front                                                    $30
Full Stomach                                               $20
Full Back                                                     $30
Bottom Cheeks                                            $15

Mens Waxing
Eyebrow                                                      $20
Full Back                                                    from $45
Chest and stomach                                from $50                
3/4 arm                                                       $25
Full arm                                                       $35
Full leg                                                        $45
Shoulders                                                    $15
Nose                                                            $5
Ear                                                              $5
Half Arm                                                      $30
Half Leg                                                       $30
Under Arm                                                   $20


Medik8 Facial Range                                                    $90

Age Defying Facial - Level 1
Age Defying Facial: An anti-ageing facial treatment designed for skin concerned with ageing and visible signs of ageing including fine lines and wrinkles. A specific treatment using the professional strength Medik8 serums (including Vitamin C & A Serums) for immediate visible results. The skin appears firmer, plumped and more toned. Fine lines are softened for a younger looking skin. 
Recommended for mature skin. 

Deep Cleansing Medi Facial - Level 1
The ultimate skin clarifying facial. A deeply cleansing and luxurious treatment, incorporating the traditional method of steam to help flush out impurities, increase circulation and decongest clogged pores. The treatment combines manual extraction with specific treatment products personalised for your skin needs, to leave your skin looking and feeling brighter with improved texture. 
Recommended for all skin types, especially those who are prone to breakouts or exposed to environmental stress. 

Hydr8 Facial - Level 1
Dehydrated Skin

Beat Facial - Level 1
Breakouts and Acne Prone Skin

Red Alert Facial - Level 1
Redness or Roseca

White Balance Facial - Level 1

Medik8 Peel - Level 2                                                              $99 

Buy 5 get 6th Peel free          

Acne / Congestion Peel
Pigmentation Peel
Ageing Peel                  

Tips for a longer lasting tan

Oztan is made in Australia using the highest grade organic tanning ingredient and formulated without alcohol, parabens or synthetic fragrance for superior results.

Make sure you wear loose, dark coloured clothing. Cotton fabric is the best. Wear a dark g-string or bikini bottom or we can provide you with a disposable if you prefer.

Before your tan:
It is best to wax or shave the day before your tan
Exfoliate your whole body from head to toe the day before also. Remember to pay extra attention to your dry areas such as knees, elbows and ankles.
Smother your body with Oztan Kakadu Plum Body Moisteriser to hydrate and prepare your skin for the perfect tan.
The morning of remember not to apply any moisterisers, perfumes, deodorants or even any make up.  
After your tan:
If you look after your tan properly and also using the Oztan care range your tan should last you 7-14 days.
Refrain from exercising or sweating in the initial 2 hours, just sit back relax and enjoy the tan!!
After your shower the tan will continue to develop and darken over the next 8 hours. If you find it is going too dark for your liking then have a quick 30 second shower.
Your tan will last longest on well hydrated skin so make sure you moisterise daily with Oztan Kakadu Plum Moisteriser.

Maintain your tan with Oztan Tan Extend Shower Gel and top up your colour with Oztan Building Moisteriser.

Avoid: Soaking in the bath or chlorinated pools will cause your tan to fade faster and remember Oztan does not contain sunscreen and wont protect you against sunburn, so please make sure you apply sunscreen before going out in the beautiful sunshine. 

Care and Maintenance for your new eyes!

Please do not trust anyone with your lashes. I have worked in one of Perth's Premier Lash Spas and was trained by an ex WA State Trainer. I have seen and removed a lot of really bad lashes. 

Before application: 
Remove all eye makeup with a non oil based remover.

After application:
You must not get your lashes wet for 24 hours after application. This includes showering, steam, swimming and crying (if possible). If the lashes do come in contact with the above the adhesive may not bond correctly to your natural lash.
I stock the recommended Mascara and eyeliner (if you still wish to wear) and Eye makeup remover that will not harm your lashes. 

A full set lasts 4 to 5 weeks and refills between 2 to 3 weeks are recommended for maintenance and to keep your lashes looking fuller.
Be gentle with your lashes.  Do not excessively rub your eyes or pull on lashes as this may pull out your natural lashes.  Avoid touching your extensions. The natural oils from your hands will break down the adhesive bond. 

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